The structure of our designs and luxury fabric of our dresses create a stunning and sleek silhouette, eliminating lumps and bumps without the need for restrictive and uncomfortable control underwear to be worn underneath. So no need for Spanx!


We feel strongly that fashion should be made to fit women not the other way around. That’s why our dresses aren’t modelled or fitted on mannequins, but on REAL women’s bodies. We go as far as using real pregnant women for our Bump to Baby range instead of models wearing silicone pregnancy bellies.


Over a two-year period we made up to 10 prototypes of each dress to ensure that our fit was as perfect and as flattering as possible. We also tried on 200 dresses from competitor brands to compare the fit with our own. We think the results speak for themselves…


Our dresses need to be practical as well as beautiful which is why we wear-test every single design we offer. Before being signed off for production, each dress was put through its paces by Sunny to ensure it could withstand a long commute, the perils of public transport through the city, hours in countless meetings and engagements and still look fantastic when worn for a dinner date.


We only work with fully certified fabric mills and factories which pass our strict set of quality and ethical standards. We have personally visited every factory we work with to guarantee our product’s luxurious quality and that all of our dresses are made by fairly paid people in a happy environment.


....We want to use our platform for purpose in order to help change, shape and educate people on issues that effect women all over the world. From issues such as menopause and post-natal depression to gender discrimination.


Is there anything more annoying than finding out that your favourite shade of lipstick has been discontinued? At the Perfect Dress Company our dresses have shapes you can rely on because we believe that when a woman finds a dress that makes her feel a million dollars, she should be able to buy it again and again – in different patterns, colours and lengths.


As a fashion brand, we know the industry has some serious sustainability issues and so we are making it our mission to become a 100% sustainable fashion brand! As part of our mission, we have signed up to Onetreeplanted, so that for every dress we sell, we will plant a tree worldwide to an area that needs it!


We researched the market and the frustrations we had were there were no stylish dresses that women could wear during pregnancy and afterwards too.
For this reason, we created our Bump to Baby range with flattering designs which will fit you through every stage of your pregnancy.


  Our focus groups also revealed a big issue with sizing with many of our community saying that ordering online was a challenge as sizing was always a grey area. We understand that women can be curvier on top and smaller on the bottom or vice versa and because it’s important to us that our dresses fit you perfectly, we have adopted dual sizing and used a bespoke 4 way stretch material.

The Perfect Dress Company dresses are in the following sizes:
6-8, 10-12, 14-16, 18-20.



In our journey to market, we have repeatedly consulted with real women along the way. Feedback from focus groups helped us to drill down into the wants and needs of our clients and informed everything from colour choices to price point. The Figure-Flattering Dress names themselves derived from our social media following as well as from real try and fit sessions with focus groups. Comments such as “This dress nips and tucks in all the right places”, “Is it just me or have I just dropped a dress size!” perfectly described how the dresses made wearers look and feel, and led to the final style names.


We believe that everyBODY is beautiful, no matter their size or shape and are committed to showcasing women of different body sizes. We pride ourselves on showing the dresses in not just one size but in a whole range of sizes on our website. We hope to expand the range of sizes we offer as the company grows.


Our brand ethos is all about empowering women to feel beautiful and confident so that they can take on the world. With this in mind we will be working with selected charities.


“Trying on this dress made feel so confident and comfortable and covered my tummy area which I don’t always feel confident about.”
Bonny Mayorga ★★★★★
“The Perfect Dress fitted like a glove! The moment I put it on I felt gorgeous.”
Sarah Gent ★★★★★
“I loved how the dress cinched in my waist!”
Jordana MacArthur ★★★★★
“The dress flattered and accentuated my best features!”
Nicole Dawson ★★★★★
“At last a dress that makes me look good and feel good.”
Susan Children ★★★★★
“These dresses leave you feeling 10lbs thinner and two inches taller.”
Jenny Goodwood ★★★★★
“Oh my god I look so skinny!”
Linda Hoummani ★★★★★
“I felt like the best version of myself in a Perfect Dress Company dress.”
Susie Ramroop ★★★★★


All three dresses were really easy to get into and very comfortable to wear. The material is really soft and flattering!
Jemma Robinson ★★★★★
I love the range of Bump to Baby dresses as they give room for the baby to grow and they are perfect for when I have my baby too! It's great to have a dress that you can wear through maternity and beyond.
Lucy Langford ★★★★★
These dresses are so versatile you can wear them while pregnant and feel glamourous after your baby arrives too! They are such high quality, super comfortable and easy to wear. After spending weeks in gym/loungewear it was a treat to wear these dresses and feel fancy for a change!
Megan Bracken ★★★★★
The material of the Bump to Baby dresses is so cool, light and comfortable! I can't wait to wear these dresses after my baby is born too.
Kayleigh Reid ★★★★★
I love the beautiful colours of the Bump to Baby dresses, they are so versatile as your can dress them up or down and I love how they accentuate my bump.
Kristy Dixon ★★★★★
IThe Bump to Baby dresses are so comfortable, I love that the Beautiful Bardot dress has pockets too!
Justyna Banaszkiewicz ★★★★★
I really like how the dresses cinch in my waist and flatter my baby bump.
Maddy Gaines ★★★★★