As a fashion brand, we know the industry has some serious sustainability issues and so we are making it our mission to become a 100% sustainable fashion brand! We know we are not perfect and there is so much more we can do to become 100% sustainable but we’re striving step by step to make sure we achieve this.

As part of our mission, we have signed up to Onetreeplanted, so that for every dress we sell, we will plant a tree worldwide to an area that needs it! If you would also like to support what we are doing further, we have added an option at the checkout point for you to add more trees to be planted on your order.

Other things we are already doing to be more sustainable…

One of the biggest goals in sustainable fashion is to buy less and use things for longer. At the Perfect Dress Company, our dresses are not made to be fast fashion and we have spent over two years designing them to make sure they are long-lasting and of a high standard so if customers take care of them, they will last for up to 10 years! We have also chosen classic designs which are unlikely to date which means customers can wear them year after year.

Recyclable packaging is one of the first things fashion brands look at when trying to be more eco-conscious. During our initial planning process before we launched back in December 2019, we knew this was something we needed to address. We researched packaging options that were sophisticated and reflected our brand ethos but also recyclable. Of course, this is not always the cheapest option, and for a start-up brand with a low budget this was a struggle. We opted for cardboard boxes which are 100% recyclable, however the outer postal bag is not. We are still researching alternative bags we can use which are in budget and are looking to make this change in the next year so that it is 100% recyclable. We encourage all our shoppers to reuse their Perfect Dress Company boxes to store items such as shoes or accessories.

When researching which factories and manufacturers to use for our new fashion brand, we had to make sure they were ethically produced. For this reason, we only work with fully certified fabric mills and factories which passed our strict set of quality and ethical standards. We have personally visited every factory we work with to guarantee our product’s luxurious quality and to make sure all our dresses are made by fairly paid workers in a happy environment as this was so important to us.

A unique selling point of our brand is that the dresses are designed to fit your changing body shape. This is a benefit of the bespoke material we have sourced and the clever dress designs which have been developed to flatter changing body shapes. This means that buyers are less likely to need to buy new dresses when they fluctuate slightly in weight.  Another benefit of our bespoke material is that the dresses do not need to be dry cleaned, which is great as dry cleaning can be harmful to the environment. 

Another step we have taken to become more sustainable, which is part of our business model, is to reduce wastage and utilise unsold stock. We will do this by transforming the unsold stock of our first Autumn/Winter collection into next season’s dresses, some of our styles have full length sleeves and these will become a ¾ length sleeve for the Spring/Summer collections, this means no unsold stock going to landfill.

As a brand we want to make a change and use our platform for purpose. It is also our ethos to support and celebrate all women, so we will be gifting unsold stock to charities that support women returning to work.

We know we are not perfect and there is so much more we can do to become 100% sustainable but we are striving step by step to make sure we achieve this.

Our sustainable aims for 2020/2021…

  • In the future we aim to make our dresses using recycled materials, which we are currently researching. 
  • We are making our returns forms online so we use less paper in our packaging.
  • We want to have a page on our website which sells pre-worn garments from our own labels.
  • We would like to be in a position to offer a repair service for our customers clothes to make them last longer.
  • To spend more time educating our customers and team on sustainability and ways in which they can help too.

We encourage all fashion brands to evaluate their impact on the environment and make a positive change so that together we can reduce the fashion industry’s sustainability problems.