Why our Drop a Dress Size Dress is a Bestseller

I know you shouldn’t have favourites (a bit like children!), but I can’t help it, the Drop a Dress Size Dress is my favourite dress in the Perfect Dress Company range so far – and it seems I’m not the only one. As it’s now our number one bestselling dress, I wanted to share my love for it with you, including the clever slimming features and where to wear it.

We named this dress the Drop a Dress Size after our focus group attendees told us that when they slipped it on and looked in the mirror it was as if they had dropped a dress size instantly!

This dress is designed to slim and flatter the figure using several of my design features including the clever side twist feature.

The side twist helps the double-layer of fabric to smooth over the tummy area, draping and shaping the body in all of the right places, hiding any lumps and bumps creating a streamlined silhouette.

The long sleeves on this dress help to make the arms look toned and slender, while the length of the dress sits just below the knee, focusing on the slimmest part of the leg.


Ever since I had the prototype designed I was wearing the Drop a Dress Size everywhere! To work meetings, evening events, family dos; anywhere where I wanted to feel confident, professional, and stylish – what a killer combo!

“I will now be able to reach for the stars when in business meetings
and feel sexy on a girls night out.”
 Kerry Witt


“The cut is so clever and is designed to really flatter and accentuate a woman's best features. I feel like a million dollars in my perfect dress and want one in every colour now!”
Nicole Dawson


For the Boardroom

For those important business meetings or work events, try accessorising with a pair of court shoes, subtle earrings (check out our Amazonite and Pearl earrings – they look great with a black dress) and a low chignon for that stylish yet powerful look.

For Cocktail Hour

A cocktail or two is the perfect way to celebrate the success of that business meeting, with a simple changing of accessories the Drop a Dress Size can easily become your evening dress too. I’m a big fan of bright strappy sandals – I love coral – and pairing them with a fun handbag and earrings. I always literally let my hair down, add a bit of lippy and then I’m all set for a night with the girls.


Not only is the Drop a Dress Size dress designed with clever slimming features, these dresses are also designed to fit if you go up or down a size. I understand that women can be curvier on top and smaller on the bottom or vice versa, and I also know that we can fluctuate between sizes at certain times of the month or within a matter of weeks! Our weight and shape is never a constant and the dresses reflect that which is why we have adopted dual sizing for all of our dresses. This stunning dress is now available in navy, burgundy and black in sizes 6-8 to 20-22.

I’m so glad you all love this dress as much as I do, and if you’d like any more style tips just get in touch with me or the team and we’d be more than happy to advise! I just can’t wait to start wearing mine again soon – I miss dressing up!

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