Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’ve got a hot date or you’re spending Valentine’s Day headfirst in a tub of ice cream, we think February 14th this year should be spent showing yourself some love!

It’s the one day of the year where we celebrate the people we love the most and don’t get us wrong, it’s an amazing feeling to be in love and appreciate the people in our lives, but what about focusing on yourself this year?

At the Perfect Dress Company, we believe this year you should ditch the usual dinner, flowers and chocolates and invest in some ultimate self-love activities.

We have some tips to help you love yourself this Valentine’s Day, regardless of what else you are doing and your relationship status:

1 – Pamper yourself

There’s nothing quite like showing yourself some self-love like a pamper session! Whether you book yourself in for a massage, get your hair done, paint your nails or go for a facial – you are worth it! Go all out, have an indulgent spa day and invite your best friend along too for some girly time. Managing Director of Bliss Sanctuary for Women, Zoë Watson, says “spa treatments and massages are amazing for ultimate self-care and self-love. The healing qualities can take your body, mind and soul to a place of ultimate wellness. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, do something just for yourself and give yourself love. Love attracts love and it always begins at self-love.”

2- Treat yourself to something special

Perhaps you have been waiting to buy a new perfume or a pair of shoes but keep making excuses as to why you shouldn’t. Now is the time! Valentine’s Day is a time for giving, so treat yourself and feel like a queen. Even if it’s just popping to the shop for some flowers, it will brighten your day, and remember, you deserve it! Amy Russell Taylor Jewellery is perfect for a personalised gift to yourself to treasure, Amy says: “Life is precious. Spoil yourself!”

3 – Make a list of all the things you love about yourself

This can be a hard task, but it’s worth it as it makes you sit back and realise all the wonderful traits you have and the successes you have achieved. Whether it’s something big or small, new or old, making a list of all the things you love about yourself, and leaving it somewhere visible where you can see it each day, will remind you that you really are AMAZING.  As world-renowned Hypnotherapist and Author, Marisa Peer, says “The more you tell yourself you are enough, the more you’ll believe it.”

4 - Evict your negative self-talk

Similar to the previous tip, Life Coach Becki Houlston encourages you to avoid talking negatively to yourself! Becki says “we diminish our self-love by listening to our negative self-talk, the chatter in our heads that tells us that we aren’t good enough. This menacing voice can stop you from following your heart, starting that new business, taking up opportunities or joining a new activity to meet new people for example. It keeps you small, creates anxiety and erodes your happiness. Try this simple technique to send your inner bully packing. Each time it speaks to you tell it either out loud or in your head ‘I approve of myself’. It may instantly disagree with you, in which case tell it again ‘I approve of myself’. You don’t have to fully believe that yet just keep replying with the statement until the voice backs off and goes silent. Simple yet it really works!”

5 – Plan a fun night with your girl friends

We all know that when we are with our friends we relax, have a laugh and comfort each other. Sometimes you just need to be surrounded by the type of love only your girls can give you. Our Founder Sunny says that “a girl’s evening (with lots of wine) is the ultimate opportunity to unwind and reconnect with the ladies who know you the best!”

6 – Get moving

We’ve spoke to yoga expert Lillie Hussain who explains that “stretching out with some yoga or taking part in some exercise can help boost your mood and make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.” (Lillie is in fact hosting a Galentine’s Day’ yoga retreat on the beach in Dorset on Saturday 15th February!)

By showing your body love and filling it with delicious nutritious food you are investing in yourself and your body will thank you. Of course, if you want to indulge and eat some chocolate cake do that too! It’s all about balance and doing what makes you happy.

We hope these tips inspire you to do something for yourself this Valentine’s Day and your day is full of love for you!

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