Valuable Things our Amazing Mums Teach Us

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday which is why all of us at the Perfect Dress Company have been thinking about all the amazing things our beautiful mums have taught us over the years!

Mums are incredible for so many reasons, which is why we should celebrate them not only on Mother’s Day but every single day. After all, mums are the most important role model we will probably have!

Whether you are a step mum, foster mum or any kind of mum - we love and appreciate you all. You’ve taught us to pick ourselves up from anything and grow into the confident, sassy women we are today.

This is what the team and our PDC ambassadors have learnt from their mums:

Sunny - My mum has taught me many things as a child, how to be resilient, strong and not to fear the unknown, when you get knocked down you brush yourself off, get back up and get back out there. She has always told me to reach for the stars as nothing is impossible and to follow my dreams. Now as an adult with my own child she is still pushing me to reach for those stars and her belief in me never waivers, this is something that means so much to me and without a doubt has helped give me confidence to go out there and achieve what I want from my life. She is and always will be in my corner cheering me on (with a glass of bubbly) as I go! I realise more and more every day how much she does for us and how much I still need her. In true Tina Turner style, she is ‘simply the best!’

Lizzie - My mum has tried to teach me many things over the years, some of which have sunk in like ‘tidy as you go’,  ‘don’t talk with your mouth full’, how to pronounce ‘pronunciation’ and ‘sandwich’, and sadly for her a number of things which never did sink in like ‘always make sure you have enough savings’, ‘wear plenty of layers’, ‘wear sensible footwear’ and how to pronounce ‘bald’.

Laura - My mum has taught me a lot; to be kind, honest, work hard, do your best and be grateful for what you have! Things can always be worse, it’s what you make of the situation. She is also very funny (probably why I am too) and will always be the first to suggest a glass of wine or gin… or anything alcoholic. She did try to teach me not to swear by putting mustard and soap in my mouth (child abuse?). She’s always up for some fun and taught me from a young age that singing into a candle on top of the table most weekends to ‘Please Mr Postman’ by the Carpenters is completely acceptable.

Josh - My mum says the only thing she ever wanted me to be is ‘nice’… And ‘6ft’. Both of which I like to think I’ve achieved. She says that when times get tough ‘things always have a habit of working out’ and that EVERYTHING, no matter what it is, is always better FLUFFY. Oh - and don’t be early for any form of transport services, because all that means is you’ve missed the one before…

Grace - I’ve learnt from my mum that if you’re feeling under the weather to take a ‘Nurofen Meltlet’. I’ve learnt to always check I am messaging the correct WhatsApp group (she’s had many awkward convos!), I’ve learnt to purchase quality over quantity. But most of all, I’ve learnt that dancing to Jimmy Sommerville and Pet Shop Boys until 3am in the kitchen with the dogs and my sisters provides a horrible hangover but a ridiculous amount of laughs!

Annabel - I have learned strength and resilience from my mum. She has helped me through so much and how she handles adverse situations completely inspires me. She has also taught me to have a sense of humour and constant sarcastic undertone!

Michael - I thank my mum for many many things - but mostly my creativity, honesty and kindness. I watched her juggle so many things growing-up and she is a true powerhouse - Happy Mother's Day!

Susan (PDC Ambassador) - My lovely mum taught me so much. Sadly I only fully appreciated how much once she had gone. I am reminded every day of her wise words and inspired by her interest in everyone and everything.  She never stopped exploring and learning and could always find the funny side of any situation. If I could speak to her I would tell her how truly thankful I am for everything. All I can hope for now is that my own daughter takes more note of what I say...

Jordana (PDC Ambassador) - Some of the best advice from my mum, would be on motherhood itself.  She told me that it was one of life’s greatest adventures and a constant journey of discovery.  Just when you think you have it sussed, they grow, they change, and you are back to learning all over again.  Now a mother of three myself I pass this advice on when I am asked by new mums and mums to be. 

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! We hope you know how much we love and appreciate you.