Top tips on how to style our dresses!

The most important thing about your dress is the woman wearing it. And so, the dress you choose should be created to embrace your shape and make you feel amazing – that’s the ethos behind the Perfect Dress Company designs.

Like many of you, I’ve been feeling ‘meh’ lately. Lockdown has taken its toll on our physical and mental health and lots of us are worrying about weight gain, with social media awash with memes about ‘glowing up and slimming down’ in time for June 21.

But here’s the problem – always wanting to look different or punishing yourself is a total waste of the glorious woman you are today.

So instead of putting yourself down, you should realise that you don’t need to change anything about yourself to be perfection.

Here’s what I love about these dresses:

The colours – these shades are universally flattering and classic. They will look great on you today, tomorrow, and in 10 years’ time.

The cut – I’m what is called a ‘figure 8’ shape. This is like an hourglass, but bigger, with weight typically going to my tummy and hips. This dress accentuates the smallest part of my waist, whilst skimming over my tummy and hips. I feel confident and beautiful, and I haven’t had to lose a single pound. Now THAT is what a dress should do.

Being conscious of your choices and their impact on the environment is of increasing importance. Did you know that by extending the life of a garment by nine months, you reduce its carbon footprint by 30 per cent?

Choosing a flattering, timeless piece like this dress is much better – both in terms of what it will cost you and cost the environment.

But don’t just save it for special occasions! (If anything, coronavirus has shown us that life itself is a special enough of an occasion).

Here are some ideas of how you can make your Perfect Dress Company dress the perfect dress for anytime.

The key is in the accessories.  

Go glam with a statement earring and clutch bag or dress down with trainers and long-line blazer. A long-line blazer that finishes at the same point as the dress or just below is not only a great layering piece, but it will give your look a glam-but-off-duty vibe. Sling a cross-body bag over the jacket and put on your biggest sunnies. C’est chic!

In general, balance how much skin you show. So if you’ve got your legs out, keep your neckline higher, and if your neckline is lower, lower your hemline too.

If you’re wearing heels, try an open toe. This will elongate your legs and looks a bit more modern.

Match colour with colour

This burgundy shade looks amazing with a beige neutral. When you aren’t used to wearing much colour, you might think ‘I’ll pair it with black.’

But the effect of black is that it drains the vibrancy of the colour. Keep things light and fresh by choosing a beige or stone instead. A nude heel will elongate your legs.

 If you’re brave enough to match colour with colour, try khaki (yes, really).

On the colour wheel, red and green are opposites. This means they’re a perfect colour-clash match!

Try this dress with a khaki heeled sandal and see how much more it lifts the look than a black option. 

If you're a fan of print and pattern, pick a piece with the same colour in it as your dress. For example, a printed scarf with a burgundy floral. You could wear it over your hair with sunglasses for the perfect Jackie O-inspired look. 

Leopard print goes with everything! To avoid looking Bet Lynch (if that's not your thing, for me personally she's a style icon!), just have a dabble! A textured leopard print bag would look great with this dress. 

And on that note, mix up your textures

The secret to creating an expensive-looking monochrome outfit is in your textures! Mix leathers with lace and velvet with satin to give the look more depth.

Most of all have fun, play dress up, try different options and get ready to hit the town on June 21st!


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