Time to get glammed up for date night!

It’s been a difficult few months with everything going on in the world right now, understandably there’s been family arguments, fall outs and times when you want to sell your husband on eBay.

Lockdown has placed us under pressure we’ve never know before. Even if you’re still going out to work, nothing is the same and, at home, your relationship might feel more under the microscope than ever before. What once might have been half-hearted, light bickering over who ate the last bar of chocolate or a mistimed joke can quickly escalate into a full-blown row.

Emotions have been heightened from living in constant uncertainty, and we should all cut each other some slack, and remember how much we love the special people in our lives and make an effort to have some quality fun time together.

So, we think it’s time to ditch your PJs, get glammed up and book yourself and your partner (or girl friends) a date night! We all deserve to let loose, be happy and claim back some of the freedom we have been missing over lockdown.

I know I feel 100 times better if I spend a bit of time getting ready, trying on dresses and choosing what accessories to wear before an exciting night out for dinner or cocktails. It’s important to do things that make you feel special whether that’s having a pamper day, investing in yourself or doing a bit of much needed retail therapy.

Now that heading to your favourite sushi restaurant again is on the agenda, we have some styles we think you might like, to feel sexy, comfortable and ready for some post-lockdown fun.

Drop a Dress Size Dress

The Drop a Dress Size Secret Slimming Dress can be styled in multiple ways using different accessories each time and will suit most occasions. Dinner dates, a night on the town, back to the office, to the shops, you name it, you can wear it there! The side knot on this dress helps give shape to the waist whilst the twist gathering helps the fabric drape in all the right places. The double layer offers more tummy coverage and fits perfectly to your individual body shape. Add some sparkly earrings to this dress for the extra wow-factor!

Nip and Tuck Dress

Our Nip and Tuck off the shoulder Secret Slimming Dress feels super sassy and the comfy material feels amazing for a night out where you want to look and feel sexy! This dress has a ruched waist band which gives you a teeny tiny waist, and hidden pleats that smooth and flatten your tummy area. So don’t worry if you’ve gained a few pounds over lockdown, because we can guarantee you will feel so confident and slim in this dress! This dress comes in black and navy too.

Tummy Trimmer

If you’re heading somewhere special and want an outfit to match, this dress is super stylish and elegant, and perfect for an evening meal at your favourite restaurant! The clever tummy tie panels will leave you feeling confident and supported as you eat and drink the night away. Our Tummy Trimmer Secret Slimming Dress has been designed to be figure-flattering with its Bardot neckline and longer sleeves, great for showing off some skin whilst flattering the tricky upper arm area.


Don’t forget gorgeous jewellery for your post-lockdown night out! Draw the eye with our beautiful Teardrop Tassel Statement Earrings - Black designed to make an impact and give your outfit a bit of sass. If you are looking for a more subtle design our Moonstone & Pearl Drop Earrings from our Darcy Rose Meaningful Jewellery collection are for you! They signify strength, good fortune, and love. If you are looking for a classy, sophisticated addition to your outfit, our Labradorite Drop Earrings are great for this, plus they will bring you clarity, strength, and positivity! What more could you need for an outfit?


Your date is sure to think you look fabulous no matter what you wear, and we hope you have an amazing time whatever you do! Tag us in your photos of you on your night out wearing our dresses or earrings to receive a special gift from us.

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