The Slimming Features of Our Dresses

At the Perfect Dress Company we have spent over two years designing, tweaking, prototyping and testing our launch range of slimming dresses. I wanted the Perfect Dress Company dresses to flatter women of all shapes and sizes, and to do this I needed to carefully consider the slimming features of the dresses and how I would alter the cut and design for different sizes – because truly flattering dresses are never one size fits all.

While each of the dresses has its own style, they all share our Perfect Dress Company four way stretch fabric. To me, there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in a figure-hugging dress made with the wrong type of fabric (you know the type, it feels cheap and itchy and never returns to the same shape after the first wash). I want a dress with fabric that accentuates and flatters my curves, not one that stretches over and emphasizes my lumps and bumps, which is why our luxurious Perfect Dress Company fabric is custom made to smooth, shape and sculpt the figure.

The Drop A Dress Size Dress

We named this dress the Drop A Dress size after our focus group attendees told us that when they slipped it on and looked in the mirror it was as if they had dropped a dress size instantly! This dress is designed to slim and flatter the figure using several of my design features.

This dress has a clever side twist feature, which helps the double-layer of fabric to smooth over the tummy area, draping and shaping the body in all of the right places, hiding any lumps and bumps creating a streamlined silhouette. The long sleeves on this dress help to make the arms look toned and slender, while the length of the dress sits just below the knee, focusing on the slimmest part of the leg. This is the dress that our Perfect Dress Company beauties have been wearing to meetings, interviews and those all-important work events, to give an all-day glow of confidence.

“Thank you Sunny for designing such a wonderful dress. I am a ‘large’ 14 and was a little apprehensive about the sleeve width. I bought the size 12-14 and the material, cut, and design really flattered me, as well as the long sleeves made my arms look slimmer. The round neck, long sleeve Drop a Dress Size Dress in burgundy was fabulous for a work event. I received lots of compliments from my colleagues and it felt great all day.” – Debs Hurst

Jordana wears a size 6-8

The Tummy Trimmer Bardot Long

Ladies, you need look no further for the perfect evening gown! This dress was inspired by evening events, award ceremonies, and those occasions where you want to glide into the room feeling glamorous and sexy. With a bardot neckline, flattering long sleeves and the maxi length, you will be sure to catch the eye of everyone in the room.

The slimming heroes of the Tummy Trimmer Dress are the cleverly designed tie panels, when you tie these panels, the dress smooths over the tummy area and cinches you in at the waist, creating a smooth and feminine hourglass shape. When we were prototyping this dress and comparing it with competitor dresses, we noticed that competitors did not alter the positioning of their wrap and tie features for different sizes. Unlike our competitors we knew that our slimming panels would need to be positioned differently for different size women in order to flatter both the ladies who carry their weight higher up on their bodies and the ones who carry weight lower down on their tummies – and we believe this decision is what has made this dress a Perfect Dress Company customer favourite!

“The full-length bardot Tummy Trimmer in navy is stunning. I felt drenched in luxury, and as the dress is made with heavy, quality fabric, it drapes beautifully. Plus, the bardot neckline oozes sexiness. For me, it trimmed back the years!” – Susan Jayne

Aleesha wears a size 10-12

The Nip & Tuck

Keep your eyes peeled for the next dress landing on the Perfect Dress Company website, the Nip & Tuck dress. This gorgeous bardot number is going to be your best friend this summer, with a flattering off the shoulder neckline and dress length that sits just below the knee, keeping the focus on the slimmest part of the leg. One of our favourite features of this sassy dress are the hidden pockets – because girls need pockets too!

The ruched panel of this dress helps to sculpt a teeny tiny waist, while the subtle hidden pleats help to smooth and slim the tummy area. This dress falls in the oh-so feminine tulip shape, sculpting the hips and defining the waist. We know how difficult it can be to show off the shoulder area while still flattering the tricky upper arms, which is why we chose long sleeves for our launch Nip & Tuck bardot. What’s more is that this dress is designed so you can decide how low or high you want the neckline to sit on the shoulders - allowing you to go easily from the boardroom to the bar.

“The off the shoulder is perfect, I’ve had many bardot dresses that either annoy me by falling down or are too tight causing the dreaded overhang! Happy to say that The Perfect Dress Company’s offering doesn’t do either! The even better part is that I can eat, I can sit, and I can even chase after my children in this dress whilst still looking glam!” Jordana MacArthur

Ana wears a size 12-14

Not only is the Perfect Dress Company range of dresses designed with these clever slimming features, these dresses are also designed to fit if you go up or down a size. I understand that women can be curvier on top and smaller on the bottom or vice versa, and I also know that we can fluctuate between sizes at certain times of the month or within a matter of weeks!  Our weight and shape is never a constant and the dresses reflect that. I was at the Successful Women in Business Annual Conference earlier this month wearing the Drop a Dress Size dress, exactly the same dress I’d worn to a different event when I was a stone and a half heavier. The dress still fitted me perfectly, I felt amazing and I received so many compliments on the shape, fit and cut of the dress on both occasions!

I have worked so hard to make the Perfect Dress Company range flattering for women of all shapes and sizes, which is one of the reasons that our journey as a brand has already taken a year longer than I first expected. I have faced challenges and setbacks and have even had people suggesting I cut corners to speed up the process of getting these dresses on our website! But I have stuck to my mission, I have created slimming dresses for women of all shapes and sizes and reading the feedback like this from our Perfect Dress Company customers has made every step of the journey all worth it. I am truly humbled by these comments and so excited for my dresses to reach new people, for every woman to have their own perfect dress and to feel the very best version of themselves.

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