The best project you'll ever work on is YOU - Spark change for the new season!

We spoke to Julie Jackson, colour expert at House of Colour, to find out her top fashion colour tips and how you can change the way you feel with your outfit as we head into the Autumn/Winter season…

What are your colour styling tips for Autumn/Winter?

It’s hard to believe we are mid-way through September and we’re shifting from warmer weather to cooler, crisper months, with school runs and returns to the office happening all over the UK.  Many of us working from home have practically lived in our pyjamas for the past six months (at least from the waist down!).

Colour also undergoes a change through seasons, with colder weather typically signalling an exodus of bright, bold hues and the entrance of deeper, warmer tones to reflect duskier mornings and evenings. If you feel daunted by the prospect of brighter colours, I’d recommend starting off by introducing subtle pops of colour and patterns into your wardrobe instead of block colours immediately. You could do this by adding splashes of colour with accessories and jewellery too (shop our collection here!). This will help you gradually gain more confidence and become comfortable with colour as a concept.

Swap your black and white shirts for lighter, eye-catching azure blues that complement other autumnal hues such as rich reds, browns and mustards. Alternatively, lighten up your suits and go for pastels and beiges to maintain that work-appropriate feel. Camel is perfect if you’re not so comfortable with brighter colours, while dusty pink is a great choice if you’re looking to make an entrance. Choosing a block colour gives you the freedom to jazz up the rest of your outfit (e.g. jacket, jewellery and shoes) with other colours that match the palette.

What are the benefits of wearing navy, burgundy and black? (Our Secret Slimming Dress colours!)

According to the Psychology of Colour, Navy is associated with trust, confidence and intelligence; Burgundy - wealth, power and ambition and Black - strength, elegance and authority. As well as the powerful colours within the PDC range, I’ve also seen some great reviews from women who have commented on the quality of the dresses, saying they fit beautifully and are flattering, comfortable and take you from work to evenings. These are all important elements that come together and make women feel more confident. Shop our Secret Slimming Dress range here. 

How can women stand out in a room full of people?

I get asked this question a lot. The short answer is - wear some colour. Colour connects us to our moods, feelings, and behaviour. Once you identify which colours and styles really work for you, you instantly feel better in your own skin. As a result, what you project to the rest of the world is more confident.

It takes 90 seconds to create a first impression - 67% is visual. Everything we wear is giving off messages about our credibility, knowledge, trustworthiness, and success. We are hardwired to make instant judgements without even realising. I love this quote from Simon Ward, former Chief Operating Officer of the British Fashion Council: “Inner character is where you start and invest most. Fashion can then help us express our identity and character. We need to move away from image, which is about dressing to impress and think instead of dressing to express.

How can you increase confidence in what you are wearing?

Being visible and memorable for the right reasons helps us feel confident, and aside from all colour and fashion advice, the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. House of Colour has been unlocking confidence for our clients for over 30 years, transforming clients from the outside in. Transformation is stepping into WHO you are authentically and is more than just clothes; creating increased confident, empowered, visible people. Looking good on the outside is powerful. Feeling great knowing your colour and style are accurately reflecting who you are on the inside is where the magic happens.

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