• Customers in their Perfect Dress!

    We LOVE to see your photos of you wearing your Perfect Dress! As a start-up fashion brand, it really does put a smile on our face every time we get an order and it’s true what they say about small businesses doing a little happy dance whenever we package up your dress or earrings in our beautiful... View Post
  • How to look 10lbs Slimmer in 10 Seconds

    Let me be crystal clear about this, there is no piece of clothing or quick fix diet that will literally take weight off your body in 10 seconds. The clothes you wear, however, and the way you wear them can make you look ten pounds slimmer in seconds which is what the Perfect Dress Company is all ... View Post
  • How We Created The Most Slimming Dresses Ever

    If you’re reading this and you are new to our website - I’m Sunny and I’m the founder of the Perfect Dress Company and our Secret Slimming Dresses collection - a venture born out of my belief in the power of fashion to transform the way women feel about themselves! Like many other women, over the... View Post
  • Has She Dropped a Dress Size or Just Changed her Dress?

    A fun game we like to play at Perfect Dress Company HQ is ‘Has she dropped a dress size or just changed her dress’ where we compare our designs with competitors dresses to see which dresses our audience find more flattering! But it isn’t just about having fun, there’s thought and science behind i... View Post
  • Time to get glammed up for date night!

    It’s been a difficult few months with everything going on in the world right now, understandably there’s been family arguments, fall outs and times when you want to sell your husband on eBay. Lockdown has placed us under pressure we’ve never know before. Even if you’re still going out to work, no... View Post
  • We will plant one tree for every dress we sell!

    As a fashion brand, we know the industry has some serious sustainability issues and so we are making it our mission to become a 100% sustainable fashion brand! We know we are not perfect and there is so much more we can do to become 100% sustainable but we’re striving step by step to make sure we... View Post
  • 3 Ways to Wear it: Tummy Trimmer

    If you think our Tummy Trimmer maxi dress can only be worn once to a one-off event, think again! This dress is one you may think may only be suitable for weddings and fancy balls, but it is super versatile just like our other styles! With the right maxi dress in your closet, you've got a go-to pi... View Post
  • Bump to Baby Range Coming Soon!

    We have some more exciting news… we are launching the first of its kind ‘Bump to Baby’ range of gorgeous dresses which have been created to fit you through maternity and beyond! The dresses have been cleverly designed to fit your beautiful baby bump through every stage of your pregnancy and are d... View Post