Sunny’s Lockdown Real Talk

Can we just please stop.. STOP.. stop comparing ourselves to what 'Wendy' has been up to on social media over the last 4 weeks? Can we stop beating ourselves up about what we think we should be doing whilst on lockdown? 

I think there’s a lot of pressure at the moment to come out of lockdown a new woman, having learnt a new skill, come up with a new million pound business plan or reorganised your whole wardrobe, but 4 weeks have gone by and I’ve barely had a chance to sit down and relax let alone learnt how to speak Japanese?!

With three kids (one little one and two big ones) running around the garden making TikTok videos, my husband knocking down the bathroom and Nana acting like it’s the Christmas holidays cracking open the Prosecco at midday, I escape to my home office only leaving the room for lunch, a bathroom break, and wine at 4pm (who am I kidding sometimes it’s 3pm)!

Not only have I not had the time to create all these homemade delicious recipes that everyone is making, or work on my fitness regime (despite moving the treadmill into my office) I’ve also gained 10lbs during this past month!?

My daily routine consists of getting my two-year-old Sophia up, having a coffee, making breakfast, putting on a bit of makeup so I feel human and maybe some earrings and then working straight from 8am – 7pm. And is it just me or does time just seem to go so fast and disappear each day?

I barely have time to speak to my friends or catch up with my family too. My girl friends have invited me to at least 5 virtual ‘hangouts’ but I’ve only managed to attend one which was cut short due to Sophia running in and asking me to come and see her poo! (we’re potty training, and when I say we I mean I’ve designated this task to the rest of the household whilst I work).

When I finally finish work I scroll through my social media feed to see women doing yoga, meditating, painting, reading multiple books and making restaurant worthy meals for the family – whereas in my house I’ve designated days of the week to each family member to make an evening meal. And on my night, they will be lucky if it’s not beans on toast or a microwavable Shepherd’s pie.

My main priorities at the moment include keeping the family safe and alive, and worrying about getting to the shops at the weekend before the delivery of toilet paper runs out and more importantly, the wine.

I really do salute the mums trying to home school and those who are still going to work to care for people, people working for the NHS and those breaking up fights over eggs in the supermarkets – I don’t know how you do it, you are the real superheroes.

It’s such a crazy time at the moment and nothing like we’ve ever experienced before, and although I think it’s great that people are finding ways to fill their time and learning new skills, focusing on their health and thinking of news ideas, I think it’s important for us to realise that it’s ok to just do nothing and not feel bad about it.

If we want to just stay in bed or not get dressed one day we should listen to our bodies and do exactly that. If there’s anything I’ve learnt over the last year it’s that when you think you need to take a break, you probably should.

Some days I feel super positive and really motivated to get things done, full of creative ideas and exciting things for the brand, and other days I just want to sit on the sofa and watch the whole of Tiger King on Netflix..

I think Sophia is even getting fed up as she keeps getting her play group bag together, putting her coat on and standing by the front door asking if Grandad and Graffy can take her to playgroup! I don’t blame her, there’s only so many times she can watch Frozen on repeat.

Our mental health is more important than anything during this time, and it can be hard to not compare yourself to other women on social media who are doing different things to you. You might feel unproductive or lazy, but they may have these days too - as they say social media is just a highlight reel of the good things!

At the end of all this, the main thing I want to achieve and the goal I’ve set myself (which isn’t learning how to do the splits) is to keep my family healthy and safe, and to come out of this with my sanity and without a divorce!

Whether you are surrounded by kids, coupled up with your partner, or on your own during lockdown, we are all in DIFFERENT boats, this time is a struggle for all of us in different ways and therefore you need to cope with it in your own way. So, if you want to sit in your bath all day eating ice-cream straight out of the tub – do it! And stop comparing yourself to Wendy on Facebook who’s unsubscribed from all her spam emails, shellacked her toenails and baked a fresh banana bread – just focus on YOU.


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