Show Yourself Some Love this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re single and ready to mingle (via Zoom) or surviving lockdown with your other half this year, we think it’s important to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day!

We asked our team what their favourite self-love activities are and have some tips below to help you love yourself this February 14th regardless of your relationship status:

Sunny: “Self-love is so important. For me it’s putting my makeup on, doing my hair and wearing my favourite Darcy Rose Meaningful Jewellery.”


Laura: “There’s nothing I love more than treating myself to a hot bath (with bubbles of course), lighting a scented candle and pouring a glass of wine. This is my happy place and I find I’m instantly relaxed as soon as I get in!”


Grace: “My self-love activity is treating my skin to a face mask and putting on a full face of makeup and pouring a glass of wine like I am out at a bar, it makes me feel good and reminds me that better times are ahead!”


Lauren: “I love to do some cooking, whether it’s my favourite meal or baking some treats! We all deserve it and it’s all about doing what makes you happy. I am also a huge fan of running a bath with a bath bomb, a bit of Netflix and some wine!”



“I do the following to make myself happy at home:

  1. Get cosy – heating on, fire on, socks on
  2. Make a nest of blankets and cushions on the sofa
  3. Get a cup of hot chocolate…and maybe a bar too!
  4. Surround myself with kittens
  5. Put on my current Netflix binge – (let’s hope the new Bridgerton comes out soon!)”


We hope our favourite self-love activities inspire you to do something for yourself this Valentine’s Day! And if you're looking for another to treat yourself, we've got a special discount for you - just use the code LOVELOVELOVE at the checkout for 15% off everything - our gorgeous V Neck Dress will be arriving very soon in black, teal, plum, navy, red and green.