#PDCpositivity – What makes us smile!

As part of our mission and ethos to make women feel amazing and the best version of themselves, we are here to spread positivity and help you through this time! So, we are launching #PDCpositivity to spread positive vibes to our community. We will be sharing tips and quotes from the team and our amazing Perfect Dress Company ambassadors and models!

Here is how our ambassadors and models are putting a smile on their faces and their tips for you:

Aleesha – “I’ve started painting! I did Art at GCSE level but didn’t think I was good enough to follow through further, but as you will see on my page, I’ve found something to focus on and be creative with. It’s really helped my anxiety with the whole situation and given me something to do as opposed to just watching TV.”

Beth – “Listen to your body! Don’t be ashamed if you need to rest or eat more than usual. Embrace this time with yourself, free from distractions, and pick something new on your body each day to love.”

Jax – “As a mother of a 4-year-old, we’ve been taking this time to make sure we create something every day. There’s been wild crowns in the garden and symmetrical paint pictures as well as lots of baking…and taste testing! Pairing our love of creativity with the gift of time that has been given to us through this situation has been an enormous positive for our family!”

Chloe – “Get yourself up, make your bed, jump in the shower and get changed for the day. Then make yourself a list of the things you want to get done and tick them off once you’ve completed them. A feeling of accomplishment and productiveness is so important during these times. Keep yourself busy and occupied and you’ll get through this!”

Jamayla – “Give thanks... self-love, self-reflect and cherish loved ones!”

Giorgia – “I’ve been working out a few times a week, usually outside, especially when the sun is shining! And when I don’t feel up to that I just put on some music that I love and dance. It feels good and doesn’t require too much thought either, but still gets the endorphins flowing!”

Danielle - “I’m enjoying getting all those jobs done that I’ve been putting off for months – clearing out the cupboards, ditching the junk, shredding paperwork – it feels so good once they’re done! Not that glamourous but great for the mind!”

Nicole – “I’m doing all I can to stay positive right now! Here’s how:

  • I make the choice each morning to be happy
  • If I’m really struggling to do that, I lose myself in a dance class or go for a run and always come back more positive
  • Music is so important to me right now, both listening to my favourite songs and singing at the piano.
  • I’ve discovered dancing and am doing a new class each day I LOVE IT! My daughter and I are having so much fun singing and dancing and have been making videos!

Life has slowed down, it’s a new territory for me, but I am embracing this slower pace of life.”

Jordana – “I’m doing a lot to keep me occupied, I’ve started running and having my husband at home he keeps me motivated otherwise I quit! I’ve also enjoyed creating TikTok videos because it’s fun, carefree and not too serious. It makes me smile and exercise learning the dances – plus it’s a way to inject myself into my children’s world too! They actually spend time with me. And I’ve cleared my wardrobe, switched the seasons around – out with the chunky knits and in with the spring vibes!”

Maria – “You’re only as strong as your weakest thoughts. So, think beautiful, great things and say them to yourself daily. For a flower to blossom, she must be watered daily.”

Allie - "I am making a commitment to myself each day to do what feels good. Whether that be going for a walk, cooking my favourite dish, putting on a face mask, or not even moving off the couch. These are crazy times, I'm making sure I see the positives in each day, and how lucky I am to be able to do things that make me happy. So go and make yourself feel good today, however that may be!"

Sophia - "Keeping positive for me is being free to walk down the beach every morning and taking the time to check in with friends and family on video calls. I've also written some letters to friends as it's always lovely to receive unexpected post as a surprise!"

Ana - "When working from home I make sure that I have video conference with my team to keep their spirit high in these difficult times. I keep myself mentally positive at all times no matter what it takes. I talk to my family and friends abroad almost every day. I feel now it’s the best time to spend quality time with my family. I cook with my husband, I dance around the house with my kids. On weekends I put makeup on, cook my family favourite dinner so we can all relax and enjoy our time together. Life can be beautiful and exciting even when we can not do the things that we did before the quarantine, we just need to adjust and be positive."