Introducing our Gemstone Collection

I am so excited to announce the arrival of our much-anticipated jewellery collection. I know that with every outfit we wear, an accessory completes it and takes it from one to 100 in an instant. The first products in our jewellery collection are our handmade earrings which have been designed to leave you feeling glam, confident, and sparkling!

Over the past year I have designed these beautiful earrings, ensuring the delicately hand-made creations met strict high-quality specification standards. I’ve also created them to truly mean something; the Gemstone Collection has been created to empower women, with each semi-precious stone being picked for its own unique and powerful meaning.


I chose to launch the first collection with Amazonite for its gorgeous colour which represents healing, balance, and success.

Amazonite is a stone of empowerment that promotes self-discovery and self-love. Its soothing properties help to restore balance and promote healing. Amazonite is also associated with money, luck and overall success, encouraging good luck and fortune in our lives.

For anyone that may know me personally, they will know I am a very driven women, but often struggle with balance so a little bit of help from Amazonite can’t hurt right?


    When researching what semi-precious stones to use for our earrings, I chose  Labradorite as its a stone of transformation for a pair of Drop Earrings I designed for the collection as it represents strength, clarify and positivity.

    The stone is a powerful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. It balances and protects the aura, encourages clarity and restores positive energy. I truly believe in the power of positivity with what you put out there coming back to you, which is why at the Perfect Dress Company, we continuously promote positivity, no negative energy here!


      Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings which brings strength, good fortune and love!

      I love that this stone oozes femininity and encourages inner growth and strength, plus it looks stunning in jewellery. It also calms your emotions and enhances inspiration, whilst promoting success and good fortune in love and business matters. Here at the Perfect Dress Company, myself and the team always want to celebrate and champion success and offer strength where we can to those that may need it so there was no doubt that moonstone would be included in our first jewellery collection.

        Fresh Water Pearls

        I believe that pearls are an essential in every woman’s accessory wardrobe! Freshwater pearls are a gem for boosting confidence and are a firm favourite of mine. The meaning of them resonates with me as I love to learn and find out new ways to enhance and better myself; pearls are the stone of wisdom and signify faith and confidence.

        They bring peace of mind and strengthen the body and soul. Pearls give you a sense of inner confidence and serenity that allows you to centre your mind - a perfect gem to help you tackle any of life’s unexpected challenges (something we all need at this moment in time!). I chose the classic and understated freshwater pearls for the first collection for all the women out there who may need a confidence boost to take on each day with the power I know you have!

          I have put so much love and positive energy into the first gemstone collection, to create something truly significant and meaningful but also super stylish and elegant – that will match with your Perfect Dress too! I cannot wait to see you wearing them, please tag the @PerfectDressCompany in your photos, it brings me so much joy seeing them! Each pair of our gemstone collection earrings comes with a special card explain the meaning of each stone and makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved on.

          To view the full gemstone collection, click here.