International Women’s Day – YOU inspire us!

Happy International Women’s Day! 8th March is our day for celebrating all the amazing women in our lives who inspire us every day and also celebrating our own achievements.

But when we sat down as a team to put together a list of women we wanted to celebrate, we actually decided it was YOU we wanted to celebrate. It’s all of you who have inspired us to get to where we are today.

All of you who have struggled to find a dress that flattered and complimented your figures have inspired me to create Perfect Dress Company. Throughout the whole journey, which has taken over two years, I have listened and discovered what you truly want from fashion and it has inspired the whole process and paved the direction of the brand.

At the beginning we conducted surveys and held focus groups to find out what you wanted as women, and I was encouraged and influenced every step of the way through feedback and suggestions. The more I spoke to you, the more there seemed to be a gap for truly thoughtful and flattering designs for real women and it motivated me to carry on going, even when things got tough.

It was really interesting to hear what areas of the body you felt most uncomfortable with and how many of you felt like you wanted a dress where you didn’t need to wear Spanx. Our survey showed us that 69% of you feel least confident about your tummy, followed by 42% feeling least confident about your upper arms – which is why our dresses focus on these areas.

We listened to what colours you felt were most flattering too, the result showed that Black (67%) and Navy (58%) were the favourite colours for dresses – which were the colours we chose to launch with, along with burgundy too.

After gathering feedback from you about being fed up with looking at size 6 models on fashion websites and feeling unrepresented, we made sure our website was different, allowing you to go on the website to see the dresses modelled on a woman of your size (from sizes 6-8 to 20-22) so you can really see how our dresses will fit on you – a feature no other UK fashion website offers.

The focus groups were brutal at times, but the honesty of all of you there helped us create the best possible dresses, making sure we included a model of every size and challenging the fashion industry on the sizing issues. We made sure we kept the prices of the dresses low so that you could afford them, after all, every woman deserves to own a dress that works hard for them, a go-to dress that never lets them down.  

We met women from all over the UK for our model search competition, who all tried on a dress and let us know in detail how it made them feel, and it was amazing to hear feedback such as ‘this is most flattering dress ever’ and ‘I feel so confident in this dress’. I’m so thankful for all of you who have supported and inspired me during the launch of this exciting new venture.

The theme of International Women’s Day this year is #eachforequal which motivates me to continue my mission to create a new space in the fashion industry which caters for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. We want you to be equally represented in the fashion industry as fashion can be a powerful tool for transforming the way you feel about yourself. Fashion should be made to fit women, not the other way around.

Thank you to all of you incredible women who have inspired us throughout our Perfect Dress Company journey! We couldn’t do this with out you.


Sunny x

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