How We Created The Most Slimming Dresses Ever

If you’re reading this and you are new to our website - I’m Sunny and I’m the founder of the Perfect Dress Company and our Secret Slimming Dresses collection - a venture born out of my belief in the power of fashion to transform the way women feel about themselves!

Like many other women, over the years my body shape and weight has fluctuated dramatically, I have gained weight, lost weight, gained weight again, been pregnant and as a result I’ve worn a size 8, a size 18 and every dress size in between. No matter my shape, my attitude to fashion has remained consistent - I have always sought out stylish, classic gorgeous pieces.

Although there is never a shortage of gorgeous looking dresses on the high street and online, I have often found them flawed when it comes to fit and how they flatter a real woman’s body. There often seems to be something missing in terms of cut or design to the point that if you want to feel good in the dress it involves adding restrictive Spanx-style control underwear.

It wasn’t until 2017, when I was on holiday, pregnant and really uncomfortable in what I was wearing, that I finally made a promise to myself to find a better way of creating comfortable, stylish clothing for women that would make you feel fabulous no matter what your size or stage of life you are in. Pregnant or not, you still want to look and feel fabulous!

When I got home, I set out to design and create the ultimate range of figure-enhancing dresses for women of all sizes. I decided to call the company the Perfect Dress Company as the dresses were going to be perfect!

I had no previous experience in launching a fashion brand so had to learn everything from scratch from product design, production, branding, manufacturing, packaging, postal services to sales – and believe me it hasn’t been easy! But I knew I wanted to do something completed different to other fashion brands and create my own space in the fashion industry, which I knew was going to be a challenge.

I spent two years of research, focus groups, building a community and consulting with women of all shapes and sizes - working directly with our lovely consumers from day one to help build and shape the brand. I soon discovered women of all shapes, sizes and ages didn’t feel represented within the current fashion industry.

So, I decided to design the most flattering dresses ever, designed to slim and flatter all body shapes thanks to cleverly thought out designs and features, and made sure our website and other marketing materials reflected this.

The first range we launched was our Secret Slimming Dresses which are dresses with clever tailoring designed to slim, sculpt and contour your shape in seconds. The full range of Secret Slimming Dresses take you from everyday office wear to cocktails with friends, date nights to weddings, and any occasion where you want to look and feel amazing.

The three styles we have launched are the Drop a Dress Size Round Neck Short Dress, Tummy Trimmer Bardot Maxi Dress, and Nip & Tuck Off The Shoulder Short Dress.

I have obsessed over cut, detail and fabric to ensure a luxurious slimming fit every time. No matter what stage of life you are in, we want to become that go-to dress in your wardrobe that never lets you down, the dress you know you’ll always feel great in!

We’re so excited that our first range has been so well received and we have plenty more styles up our sleeves! Check out our Secret Slimming Dresses TV advert below which has gone live this month and we couldn’t be more excited about it!



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