How to Stay Positive at Home

We know it’s been a crazy few weeks with lots of life changes, but one thing that remains the same is that we’re here to support you and will continue to share uplifting, positive vibes across our platforms to continue our mission to make women feel the best version of themselves!

There are many things that can help us to remain up-beat during these days at home, whether it’s getting some daily exercise, learning a new hobby, reading a book, listening to a podcast or baking some delicious treats. Make sure you are being kind to yourself, taking a break when you need it, and having a glass of wine when the kids go to bed!

We are still operating with business as usual at the Perfect Dress Company, with our team all working remotely to ensure they remain safe and healthy. Here are our tips on how we are all remaining positive whilst self-isolating at home:

Sunny – I think a big thing to help me stay positive is making sure I prioritise some self-care. For me that can be something as simple as getting out of my PJs, putting on a bit of make-up and sticking on a pair of earrings so I feel ready to take on the day. Self-care for me can also be about finding something therapeutic and positive to do, like cooking for example if that’s your thing, getting lost in a good book, making a mood board for home improvements or a vision board for manifesting your dream life.

Charlotte - I have started doing the Joe Wicks workout first thing in the morning with the kids to kick start a productive day and help me get in a positive mindset!

With two children to teach and entertain, there are certain positives throughout the day; mainly their bedtimes when I get to have a big G&T and a bit of chocolate! 

Annabel - My daily catch up call with my account manager has certainly kept me going (love you Grace!) and has helped me get going with the tasks for the day ahead! I’m so used to chatting through my to-do list before starting work at the office, so having a real conversation over the phone helps bring normality (and focus!!) to working in my bedroom. I’ve also got Radio 1 on in the background, which reminds me of being in the office, and makes me feel less isolated.

Lizzie - Setting up a dedicated workspace at home was key for motivation, knowing I had a place just for work that I could open and close the door on really helped. Luckily for me, my working from home space is looking out over the garden, and that really helps with positivity too. Having regular and funny catch ups with the team is crucial as I survive on humour in a crisis! The only thing not helpful about working from home are my cats who think that sitting on the keyboard is helpful!

Laura – I stay positive by making sure I go out into the garden at lunch and making sure I get some much-needed Vitamin D! I also do either yoga or an in-house fitness class every day (thanks to my fitness-enthusiast boyfriend I’ll probably come out of this slimmer!).

Grace - I’m staying positive while working from home by listening to some amazing tunes (mostly Surfaces, The XX, and my love, Harry Styles). I’m also surrounded by house plants as I live in a flat with no outside, so they’re making me feel at one with nature! I also showered this morning, bonus!

Josh - I guess just thinking about the mental party I'm going to have when lockdown is over and the whole of Bournemouth is invited!

We hope our tips inspire you to remain optimistic at home and put a smile on your face! We’re looking forward to the day we can all get glammed up, put on our favourite dress and head to a bar for some much-needed cocktails and time out with the girls (and guys – sorry Josh!).