Have You Already Ditched Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Anyone who has ever set a New Year's resolution knows how hard they can be to keep. No matter how good our intentions are when we set them, things get in the way, be it life, finances, family, wine or doughnuts!

Whilst I believe that setting yourself some personal and business goals is a positive thing to do, New Year's resolutions can actually have a negative effect on your confidence and morale if they aren’t achieved. Especially if you fall off the resolution wagon in January like most will have done already by 19th January – otherwise known as ‘Quitters Day’!

So, what can we do to maximise our chances of success in 2020?

Try entering this year with minimal pressure on yourself and aim instead to remain open to the possibility of your potential, accepting of change, and ready to show compassion to yourself.

The moment you stop piling pressure on yourself to undertake resolutions that you aren't fully committed to is the moment you truly give yourself a chance to breathe and enter the new year baggage free!

There is always room for improvement in life, so rather than setting resolutions for yourself, make smaller, realistic goals that you can go back to each week and tick off. Not only will you feel a better sense of achievement but once you’ve accomplished them, you can set yourself more targets for the next month or week ahead. If you don’t achieve what you set out to, give yourself permission to try again. It is the NOT giving up that sets yourself aside from the rest!

From my own experience, I thought it would take a year to launch the Perfect Dress Company, but as it goes with these things, there were in fact a lot of setbacks and unexpected hurdles that slowed the process down. We might have missed the one-year target but two years later we’ve launched a fully functional fashion business! It’s been a very difficult journey, but looking back, I’m most proud of the fact that I didn’t compromise on my own standards or what I’d set out to create in order to save time, effort or money – I didn’t give up on this dream, despite not everything going to plan.

What I’ve learnt that is that by taking massive unobtainable year-long goals such as ‘I want to lose three stone’ and turning them into smaller and more achievable monthly goals such as ‘I’m going to try a new exercise class each month’, I don’t feel overwhelmed at all and actually find myself achieving more, and even looking forward to the next month where I get to try a new exercise class! So now, I’ve turned all my big goals (that I kept on failing to achieve every year!) into much more realistic goals that I can easily achieve and then I get to feel super proud of myself when I do.

I encourage everyone to seek out ambitions for 2020 that don’t compromise their confidence and sense of achievement. So, this year, just fill up that wine glass, step off those scales and make this year your best year yet!

Sunny x

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