Has She Dropped a Dress Size or Just Changed her Dress?

A fun game we like to play at Perfect Dress Company HQ is ‘Has she dropped a dress size or just changed her dress’ where we compare our designs with competitors dresses to see which dresses our audience find more flattering!

But it isn’t just about having fun, there’s thought and science behind it! Over a two-year period, we made up to 10 prototypes of each our Secret Slimming Dresses to ensure our fit was as perfect and as figure-flattering as possible. This involved trying on 200 dresses from competitor brands to compare the fit with our own and we made amendments and tweaks to our designs to ensure they had the most slimming elements.

We think the results speak for themselves…

Tummy Trimmer

Secret Slimming Dress - Tummy Trimmer

On the left Grace wears a competitor’s off the shoulder dress, and on the right, she is wearing our navy Tummy Trimmer dress in size 10-12. This dress has cleverly designed slimming tie panels which create the perfect silhouette and flawlessly flatters the tummy area. As you can see from the images above, the contrast in the dress designs can effect how your tummy area looks, and by simple tweaks and additions you can completely change how your figure looks.  

Forget feeling uncomfortable and having to breathe in all night (as you would in the left dress), whilst you’re wearing our Tummy Trimmer you are guaranteed to feel confident and sexy as you glide into the room.

This dress is available in burgundy, black and navy in sizes 6-8 to 20-22.

Drop a Dress Size

Secret Slimming Dress - Drop a Dress Size - Perfect Dress Company

On the left Jordana wears a competitor dress which hugs her in all the wrong places! Jordana has a gorgeous figure and this dress does nothing for it, with the unflattering material, straps and awkward seam line cutting in at the boobs.

Jordana wears our burgundy Drop a Dress Size dress from our Secret Slimming Dresses collection on the right and she actually does look like she’s dropped a dress size! This dress is your best friend, one that will provide you with the confidence and support you need and never let you down! The side knot on this dress helps give shape to the waist whilst the twist gathering helps the fabric drape in all the right places. The double layer offers more tummy coverage and fits perfectly to your individual body shape.

This dress is available in burgundy, black and navy in sizes 6-8 to 20-22.

Nip and Tuck

Secret Slimming Dress - Nip and Tuck - Perfect Dress Company

Pam has a gorgeous figure but the competitor dress doesn't do it justice!

The ruching in the dress adds inches to her body which aren't there and the way the neckline is designed makes her shoulders look much broader which in turn makes her body appear wider than it is. 

On the right, Pam wears our black Nip and Tuck off the shoulder dress - and what a transformation! The magical four way stretch material on this dress smooths over your lumps and bumps, and the subtle pleating leaves you feeling comfortable without the need for Spanx, unlike the dress on the left!

The Nip and Tuck Dress is designed to flatter all body shapes and sizes. The overall dress with its tulip skirt style gives you a feminine shape at the hips whilst the ruched panel helps to cinch in the waist, giving you the illusion of that gorgeous hourglass figure.

This dress is available in burgundy, black and navy in sizes 6-8 to 20-22.

Our dresses are designed to flatter you no matter what shape or size you are! We would love to see your dress comparisons of you in our dresses compared to other dresses, tag us in your photos @perfectdresscompany.


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