Bump to Baby Range Coming Soon!

We have some more exciting news… we are launching the first of its kind ‘Bump to Baby’ range of gorgeous dresses which have been created to fit you through maternity and beyond!

The dresses have been cleverly designed to fit your beautiful baby bump through every stage of your pregnancy and are designed to be super figure-flattering to support your post-natal body too.

The idea to launch a maternity and beyond range had always been a goal of mine, but it came to the front of my mind earlier this year when a few of my friends were pregnant and complaining about the lack of gorgeous maternity wear available. It took me back to a holiday abroad in 2017 where my maternity wear was not only uncomfortable it was really unflattering too. I realised when I was pregnant, I was spending lots of money on maternity wear that I would never wear again. Frustratingly there were no stylish, flattering dresses I purchased which I could wear afterwards too. Whilst my husband was learning to kite surf on this holiday, I was sat in the shade creating sketches of flattering maternity wear. When I got home, I created a mock-up version of a dress for myself which actually was the start of the thought process for what now is the Perfect Dress Company.

After I had my gorgeous daughter Sophia, although I loved my body for the amazing gift it had given me, my body just wasn’t the same as it used to be. I was a first-time mum and I was surprised that even though I had given birth I still looked pregnant and my tummy was pretty swollen too, which was really difficult to get used to. As a new mother I wanted to go out and show off my baby, but my self-confidence was at an all-time low. I had just had Sophia and had a friend’s wedding to go to and a big family birthday dinner coming up but I was at the awkward stage where I didn’t want to wear the unflattering maternity clothes but I didn’t fit into my pre baby clothes. This meant buying a whole new wardrobe of clothes that also soon wouldn’t fit me too. I thought there must be other mums and mums-to-be out there in the same situation as me!

This is why I decided to launch our maternity and beyond, ‘Bump to Baby’ range of dresses, created to fit you throughout every stage of your pregnancy and designed to flatter your body after you have had your gorgeous baby too. As women our bodies are always changing, so we believe fashion should be specifically designed to fit, flatter and complement our bodies no matter what our shape, size or stage of life.

Just because you’re pregnant or you’ve just had a baby, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to look and feel amazing! Our Bump to Baby range is super stylish, the bespoke material is practical and machine washable, whilst keeps you cool and is unbelievably comfortable. The clever dress styles have all been designed with their individual technical design elements that support your growing baby bump and flatter your post baby figure.

The Bump to Baby - Beautiful Bardot


Lucy - 24 weeks pregnant

  • Whilst pregnant, this dress defines your waist and accentuates your gorgeous baby bump, and the subtle pleats allow for extra room for your growing baby.
  • Post baby, this dress is perfect for giving you extra support as the subtle pleats offer coverage over the tummy area.

The Bump to Baby - The Magical Maxi

Jemma - 23 weeks pregnant

  • Whilst pregnant, the cleverly designed side tummy tie panels accentuate your bump and allows room for your growing baby.
  • Post baby, this dress flawlessly flatters your changing body. It is perfect for giving you extra support and coverage over the tummy area, and allows you to use the tie panels to cinch in your waist creating a super flattering hourglass look.

The Bump to Baby - The Classy Classic Shift Dress


Megan - 28 weeks pregnant

  • Whilst pregnant, the side knot on this dress helps give shape to the waist whilst the twist gathering helps the fabric drape and define your beautiful baby bump. The double layer over the tummy has been designed to fit perfectly to your changing shape.
  • Post baby, the side twist helps the fabric drape in all the right places offering extra coverage over the tummy area.

You may notice that some of the designs are based on our first range of dresses, which will now be called the Perfect Dress Company’s ‘Secret Slimming Dresses’, and our maternity and beyond range will be called our ‘Bump to Baby’ dresses.

Of course, the ‘Bump to Baby’ range is not designed to slim or hide your beautiful baby bump, they have been designed to make you feel comfortable, confident and enhance your gorgeous bump and figure. We have kept the same look but added technical design elements devised to fit you throughout every stage of your pregnancy, accentuate that beautiful growing bump and support and flatter your post-natal body too. The best thing about them is that you can wear them after your pregnancy and for years to come too!

We recently did a photoshoot to launch our new range of ‘Bump to Baby’ dresses with real pregnant women. It was really important to us to use real women, and not just models wearing silicone pregnancy bellies. Our ethos is to design with real women’s bodies in mind and with every range we have its important that you can see what a dress will really look like on a real women’s body to demonstrate how the dresses will truly fit you.

 All these ladies are at different stages of their pregnancy from 23 weeks to 38 weeks. We will also be taking more photos of them once their beautiful babies have arrived too.

We can’t wait to see more amazing women wearing our new ‘Bump to Baby’ maternity and beyond dresses which will be available to buy on our website soon.

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