Black Lives Matter.

As we are sure you are all aware, this has been a troubling time for the whole of the world. George Floyd’s murder on 25th May 2020 shocked not only America but all of us and reminded us of all the other Black men and women who had been tragically killed because of the colour of their skin. George’s murder has been a catalyst for change and has reignited the Black Lives Matter movement. We don’t want to stay silent on this movement and we thought it was only right to give our thoughts and show our support for change.

Being a new brand in the fashion industry, perhaps we have been naive, we have always said we support women of all race and all sizes and our Perfect Dress Company brand is all about spreading positivity. However, after educating ourselves more by reading, listening, and watching, we now know this is not enough.

We talk about being an inclusive brand a lot on our social media and have used beautiful Women Of Colour models and ambassadors, we would even say something along the lines of ‘we don’t see colour, we just see gorgeous women looking amazing in our dresses’, but we know that we should see colour, we should see that People Of Colour have had to struggle for decades to been seen and heard as equals to White people in the fashion industry, from Black models getting mistreated on set, to Black-owned fashion businesses fighting to be as high profiting as White-owned businesses, Black seamstresses not being given the same opportunities as White seamstresses, the list goes on.

White privilege is a thing, and it’s sometimes so subtle that you don’t even realise it, playing dress up with our dolls when we were younger was an innocent and well-loved activity, but looking back, all of our dolls were White. Being able to go into a shop or shop online and imagine what you would look like in that outfit, would that colour suit my skin tone, is easy for White people. We will admit, it’s only in the last couple of weeks that we have thought about this subject in depth and we’ve thought back to how we used our voice and our position as a brand in the past, we’ve shied away from the subject and have thought it was enough to use Black models in our campaigns.

We would like to make our customers and following aware that we are 100% committed to change and will do what we can to support the BLM movement.

Here are some things we are going to do to make sure we continue to grow and support WOC at the Perfect Dress Company:

  • Continue to educate ourselves and our team on Black history and White privilege
  • Continue to supply our community with material to educate themselves on Black history
  • Continue to cast WOC for our future campaigns
  • Actively reach out to Black suppliers to work with on future campaigns and collaborations
  • Use Black influencers and celebrities in future campaigns
  • Research petitions to sign
  • Donate to appropriate charities

We know it’s not enough for us to just put this statement out there, we will commit to doing the hard work it is going to take to combat racism and we will ensure we are anti-racist here at the Perfect Dress Company and in our personal lives.

We won’t sit silently on this matter and we will speak out.

Thank you x


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