Beauty Comes in ALL Shapes and Sizes

At the Perfect Dress Company, we strongly believe that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful!

Before I officially launched the Perfect Dress Company, I knew I wanted the brand to cater for gorgeous women of all sizes. The team and I spent two years reaching out to women through focus groups and through our social media community to see what they REALLY wanted from a fashion brand. Representation seemed to be a big issue, with 89% of our audience saying that they felt that their size and shape wasn’t represented within the fashion industry. I wanted to change this!

We had feedback from women saying, that they were fed up with just looking at size 6 models on fashion websites, so I made sure our website was different. We sourced 8 different sized models from sizes 6-8 to 20-22 so that you could go on to our website and see our dresses modelled on a woman of a similar size to you, so you can really see how it will fit on you. We are the VERY first website to feature a model of each and every size that we offer and we are super proud of it!

The other issue our community raised was they wanted a classic style that was comfortable, and that they didn’t want to wear control underwear or shapewear underneath their clothes for them to look good.  It became my mission to create beautiful classic dresses which were comfortable, super flattering with a ‘No Need for Spanx’ policy.

Our first collection of Secret Slimming Dresses we launched ranges from a size 6-8 to 20-22, with the hope of adding more sizes in the future when budget allows, to make us a fully inclusive brand.

It’s been incredible to see women from all over the world, different ages, ethnicities, sizes and shapes wearing our dresses since we launched in March this year.

Below are some of my favourite photos of our amazing customers (who I am SO thankful for) looking gorgeous in our Secret Slimming Dresses - in all different sizes!

 Size 6-8

Size 8-10

Size 10-12

Size 12-14

Size 14-16

Size 16-18

Size 18-20 

Size 20-22

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